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Your One Week Free Trial with Singdaptive®, lets you experience 3 personal exchanges of our easy-to-use asynchronous vocal coaching.

You'll get video feedback and recommended on-demand lessons you can work on anywhere and anytime...


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For the past year, our subscribers have used our Standard and Premium monthly plans to work with our instructors on their singing.

We've learned from the different ways singers like to learn - sometimes intensive learning, other times casual support - and made plans just for you.

Our subscription plans are quarterly, letting you

achieve your goals in semester-like chunks.

Each semester starts with an exchange that assesses where you're at. The pace and intensity varies with each plan but all include exchanges with learning content picked just for you.


~$149 / USD quartely
$49.67 monthly excl. tax

Get feedback on where your voice is heading and receive foundational learning to develop long term.

4 Personal Exchanges

400+ On-Demand Lesson Library


~$259 / USD quartely
$86.33 monthly with discount, excl. tax

Receive the benefits of Foundation Plan and add focused attention on specific technique or other goals.

8 Personal Exchanges

400+ On-Demand Lesson Library

Pause up to 4 weeks

BONUS - eBook


~$599 / USD quartely
$199.67 monthly with discount, excl. tax

Support your singing life on multiple fronts including audition prep, choosing songs and songwriting.

Unlimited Personal Exchanges

400+ On-Demand Lesson Library

Pause up to 8 weeks

BONUS - All Singdaptive eBooks

Personal Exchanges

Personal Exchanges include hand-picked learning including lessons and exercises for your unique voice and goals. Exchanges can include tasks where you submit your singing and experiences. Your instructor will review your progress and deliver feedback in another exchange.

Included with all plans

On-Demand Lesson Library

Get full access to 400+ and growing library of high quality on-demand video lessons from dozens of professional instructors.

Included with All Plans

Singdaptive Live - VIP Experience

Submit questions and get priority answers in Singdaptive Live events. Unlimited Plan subscribers can get invitations to particiapte live as student or performer guest.

Included with All Plans. Live participation as guest for Intensive Plan.

Friendly Account Management

All plans allow you to upgrade or downgrade for your next billing cycle. Our Spotlight & Intensive Plan allow you pause your plan to accomomdate vacation, feeling under the weather or life getting in the way. If you're not able to particiate as much as you'd like we'll downgrade you for your next term automatically.

Included with All Plans. Pausing subscriptions for Spotlight and Intensive Plans.

singer practicing vocals in front of microphone with singdaptive live logo


Singdaptive Live streams on all things singing - let's you get personal, in person.

on steroids

Your Instructor will be assigning you lessons with a difference: these give you real world actions to take your singing further.

transparant background image of man singing in a vocal booth
singdaptive webapp showing a video task for the singer to complete
singdaptive webapp showing a video task for the singer to complete

Every lesson includes actions that give you practical steps you can take to lock in your learning or go deeper. If you want to make sure you're getting the concepts take the lesson quiz.

this is all for

transparant background image of man singing in a vocal booth

All singers using Singdaptive share one quality: they want to get better. They may be live streamers, singer-songwriters, choir members, lead vocalists and beginners.

Every day we’re helping professional singers and those just getting started.

what do singers say?

Singdaptive has found the perfect middle ground between an in-person lesson and the infinite amount of videos on learning how to sing.
Mike Tedesco
Pianist & Singer-Songwriter
Singdaptive has been, far and away, the most in depth and personalized platform that I've ever used.
Jade Hendrix
The guidance I received through Singdaptive’s Exchangely was tailored to me; I just couldn’t get this from other programs.
Sheng Li Soo
Guitarist & Vocalist
The excercises and techniques I've learned in my personal exchanges have immediately addressed the problems I'd been having.
Anya Wassenberg
Singer, Writer & Journalist
The first site I've ever come cross that has an ACTION category under each video to encourage learners to master new skills and knowledge.
Kevin Lin
Singer on YouTube
It is wonderful to open an instructional video with invaluable feedback created just for you- and hear your own name too!
Mega Tarantelli
Professional Singer & Entertainer
Professional Singer & Entertainer
Singdaptive encouraged me to believe that I have a voice that’s pleasant to listen to.
Gabriel Valentino
Podcaster & Singer
Podcaster & Singer
Some online instruction sites have a cumbersome user experience -not Singdaptive. I've been able to jump right in with ease of use and get what I need out of it.
Sam Robbins
Contestant on The Voice
Contestant on The Voice
I received very detailed personal feedback from Singdaptive Instructors - which I really, really appreciate
Christian Mädler
Performing Artist
Performing Artist
This is an incredible tool for singers at every level. Personally, I never want to stop learning - Singdaptive provides the opportunity for me to do that on a daily basis.
Jenn Bostic
Award-winning Singer-Songwriter
Award-winning Singer-Songwriter
I love the unique variety of courses Singdaptive offers. Singdaptive can help you to become a truly well-rounded singer and/or performer.
Mimi Drabik
Instagram & YouTube Singer-Songwriter
Instagram & YouTube Singer-Songwriter
The Singdaptive team really did their homework! I don't usually do online learning, but their approach really works for me.
Johnnie Ferro
Rock Singer & Guitarist
Rock Singer & Guitarist
This incredible web app has blown my mind. I’ve never seen so much information and quality content in one place!
Milica Kiprovski
Australian Singer Songwriter
Australian Singer Songwriter
I LOVE IT! The videos are extremely comprehensive! Thank you, Singdaptive, for creating a safe place to come to build upon what I know AND learn something new!
Lizzie Thomas
NYC Jazz Vocalist
NYC Jazz Vocalist
There is so much there! The vocal warmups are just fantastic and I can’t wait to discover more on Singdaptive - there's so much under the hood!
Dave Hilderman
The Singdaptive course on singing in isolation gave me some good insights on how to make my COVID routine more efficient.
Silviya Damayanov
Music Student
Music Student
I'm so impressed by this app - Singdaptive's 'Develop Your Singing in Isolation' is really helpful for those of us living the condo life.
Debbie Robinson
Musical Theatre Vocalist
Musical Theatre Vocalist


What’s different with Singdaptive from other approaches?

There are millions of instructional videos out there for singers. What Singdaptive offers is personal guidance for your unique voice through personal video exchanges and tasks selected especially for you by your instructor. What makes us truly unique is that we offer asynchronous learning – this means that you don’t need to keep an appointment and can interact with your learning at any time, day or night.

The other feature of Singdaptive is that your Lead Instructor will be directing you to exercises and lessons from several others on the team so that your learning will transcend the expertise of a single teacher.

What music genres and singing techniques do you teach?

Singdaptive’s Instructor Team is multidisciplinary, so we assign you a Lead Instructor that is an expert in your genre. There are many good singing techniques created by informed singers and researchers. We value the work Janice Chapman, Jeanette Lovetri, Lisa Popeil, Cathrine Sadolin, Ingo Titze and others. In fact, one of these is on our teaching team and we have worked closely with several others.

What we value most are approaches that are not secretive in nature and that are recognized across the disciplines concerned with healthy singing - coaching, therapy, nutrition, otolaryngology, and musicology. The exercises and methods you receive are focused on healthy voice production no matter what your genre.

What does this cost?

**Less than the price of face-to-face lessons in your location. Face-to-face lessons in person or face-to-face will cost you anywhere from $150 to $600 USD per month, all our plans cost less than that for a quarter - 3 monhts. Think of our personal exchanges like an in-person in that you get to working on a number of concepts, get exercises to work on in after your initial start-up exchange each term, you get personal video feedback from an instructor and hand-picked on-demand video lessons.

You can upgrade, downgrade, cancel your subscription at any time. Our top tier subscriptions also allow you to pause you subscription for time off or when you`re sick

Is this for pros or for beginners?

Yes - to both!. If you have just stepped out of the shower and want to share your voice with more than just your golden retriever, we will walk with you into your future. Or, if you’re having trouble with your voice after live streaming 5 hours a day, or are facing an audition for a Musical Theatre role on Broadway or London’s West End, we can get you ready.

We work with singers of all genres from choristers, to lead singers, session singers, ensembles - the entire spectrum!

Do you have some tips for me before I get started?

You can get started for free – this will let you experience the quality of instruction that we have for your singing journey. To do this, simply start our Free Trial , and complete your first exchange with our team! We will give you personal feedback on your area of concern – this will come from one of our team's instructors. If you don’t have any idea of what you want to work on, you are invited to say just that and our instructor will come back to you with areas to consider!