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30 Day Singer vs Singdaptive Review

What is the most focused way to learn and reach your singing goals?

There’s just so much content for singers online. What is the most focused way to learn and reach your singing goals?

Singdaptive and 30 Day Singer take completely different approaches to online learning. This article reviews their claims, methods, teachers and their differences so that you can make an informed decision.

In a nutshell, 30 Day Singer offers quality video lessons on a wide variety of vocal techniques. These come with exercises, and the possibility for personal interaction is an optional paid extra not chosen by most users. Singdpative begins with personal exchanges between a singer and a vocal coach in which a unique learning plan is developed in light of each singers’ experience and goals. There are specific interactive lessons, tasks, and personal video exchanges between learner and instructor.

Claims about Vocal Training

30 Day Singer

Offers the chance to “Learn at home by watching fun video singing lessons with friendly instructors.” The platform is therefore organized around hundreds of video lessons which are taught in a clear manner by several instructors. Some of their lessons are offered in 30-lesson segments which can be done each day. However, 30 Day Singer believes that singers will want a yearly subscription to work on their voice at their own pace - and beyond 30 days.


Offers “Personal singing lessons from a team of instructors that you can access day or night. “Personal” really means personal: each singer begins by sharing their experience and goals. This is analyzed by a member of the team who asks more questions and gives the singer some personal video exchanges which lead to a unique learning path. This path can be accessed on their easy-to-use site anytime, day or night.

Dashboard Layout

30 Day Singer

screen shots of 30 Day Singer's website


screen shots of Singdaptive's webap

Methods of Online Training

30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer’s method is to present hundreds of online lessons to subscribers. These lessons are organized into courses for beginners or more advanced singers and available in many categories such as harmony, vibrato and vocal agility. Lessons are high quality video productions and may come with audio clips singers can use for practicing.


Singdaptive also has hundreds of high quality lessons addressing every concern of a singer’s life (including technique, vocal health, audio, career, etc.) But their focus is on personal guidance of which their lessons are only a small part. Each singer has a personal instructor who answers questions and guides singers to just the right content.

Singing Instructors, Coaches and Teachers

image of female vocal teacher at 30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer has 6 different vocal coaches who are educated and experienced in the music industry. Their main content provider is Camille van Niekerk who has a BA in music and has taught music in the educational system and has performance experience.

collage image of 16 singing instructors at Singdaptive

Singdaptive has 24 instructors who have worked for The Voice, the BBC, Disney Productions and include not only vocal coaches but medical professionals, sound engineers and award winning choral directors.

Main Features of Their Singing Platforms

30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer has an easy to use web app which can be accessed from any device. Their lessons feature a video at the top of the page, a short description with audio clips or other resources lower down on the page. Helpfully, on the side of each page is a list of the lessons in a particular course so that users can keep track of their progress.


Singdaptive is also a web app built around personal exchanges between an instructor and learner. Each page is an ‘Exchange’ which includes a personal video, lessons chosen specifically for that singer, tasks, an area for questions & comments. Rather than merely watching a lesson, Singdaptive users are expected to interact and complete tasks.

Do They Offer Feedback on Your Singing?

30 Day Singer

Subscribers to 30 Day Singing do not receive personal feedback unless they pay for the option of an online lesson. However, they do provide a forum where singers can ask questions.


Singdaptive is centered on personal feedback. Users share personal videos of their singing, their questions and their reactions to tasks and interactive lessons.

Biggest Differences Between Singdaptive and 30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer gives all singers the same lessons, though there are hundreds to choose from. These lessons are absorbed passively by users, though users are encouraged to practice the principles taught by the instructors. 30 Day Singer does not help subscribers find the right lessons for their unique development, but lays out their courses on easy to navigate pages on their site.


Singdaptive does not give their singers the same lessons. In fact, each subscriber receives personal videos from their instructor that no other singer will see. Instruction is based on the unique voice, range, experience and goals of the individual singer. Lessons from Singdaptive’s vast library are specifically chosen and each singer receives targeted tasks from their personal instructor each month.

Price Compared with Face-to-Face Singing Lessons

screen shots of 30 Day Singer's prices and plans

30 Day Singer Pre Recorded Lessons

30 Day Singer costs much less than face-to-face coaching sessions. Depending on the location, face-to-face lessons can cost anywhere from $50-100 USD (or more) per lesson. 30 Day Singer’s monthly rate is only $29.95 USD (or $10.75 USD per month if paid yearly).

screen shots of Singdaptive's prices and plans

Singdaptive Personal Guidance

Singdaptive also costs less than face-to-face coaching sessions. Their Standard Plan is $25 USD a month - this gives a monthly personal exchange and a guided learning plan with specific tasks each week. Their Premium Plan (unlimited personal exchanges) is $99 USD a month.

What Reviewers are Saying

30 Day Singer

“It offers some amazing content that will not only make you a better singer, but do it quickly in 30 days.”

“...a little pricier than some other online singing courses. However, it has a lot of content already on the site that makes it well worth the price.”

​​“I can see that there can be improvements made such as adding downloadable materials for students.”


“I have not seen any other voice training course doing it in this personal way. It’s refreshing and worth trying.”

“The instruction is individualized and personalized - every exchange built on my individual journey.”

​​“Singers who do not want personal guidance but simply enjoy surfing through pre-existing lessons may not be attracted to the personal nature of the platform.”


Feature30 Day SingerSingdaptive
Personal Feedbackextra cost
Number of Lessons353500+
Extra Lesson Content
# of Instructors624
Medical Specialist
Courses on Vocal Technique
Courses on Vocal Health
Courses on Performance Readiness
Courses on Recording & Live Sound
Courses on Songwriting
Courses on Career Development
Price$29.95 USD/month$25 or $99 USD/month
Live Events


While every attempt has been made to be as objective as possible, we freakin’ love our product -and an instructor of Singdaptive wrote this :-) If you find anything that you feel is unfair or inaccurate, please contact the author directly by using the “help” icon on the singdaptive site - we want all of our writing - even advertorials - to be accurate.

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