Getting Started with Audio Gear for Singers

Kaitie Sly and Mandy Bryant share their tips on audio gear and recording for singers.

Kaitie Sly

Educator | Recording Artist | Bassist

Mandy Bryant

Voice Teacher | Choir Director

We asked Singdaptive instructors what tips or advice they have on getting started with audio for singers. Today, we hear from singer, author, technologist and bassist, Kaitie Sly; as well as voice teacher and choir director, Mandy Bryant, with their best audio tips for singers.

Get Started on Recording Your Singing with Kaitie Sly

Tips from The Team Transcript: The first step is to get your hands on a digital audio workstation, even if it is a free one. Get your hands on a way to record yourself, that could be as simple as using your smartphone or there’s even ways to record yourself using a computer without a digital audio workstation. And just start exploring – get your hands dirty. I feel the best way to learn this kind of stuff is to just start working with it and exploring all the different tools at your disposal.

Another really good thing is using Google or different search engines to find your way around the recording process. There’s a huge plethora of resources out there: YouTube videos, articles, and forums that you can access to answer your questions about recording or to watch tutorials where you can learn how to do certain things. And then of course, there’s also my lessons and courses on recording right here on Singdaptive.

Great Practice Technique & Tips

See Kaitie’s course for singers on How to Produce a Quality Recording.

Getting Your Head Around Audio Gear with Mandy Bryant

Tips from The Team Transcript: What’s one thing that’ll help me get my head around audio gear? Now, this is something that I’ve actually really had to dive into lately because of COVID and because the world has changed so much. A lot of things are happening electronically now and I can no longer rely on actually being face-to-face and close with people. Not only that, but when singing in a band, we’re dealing with a lot of electronic equipment.

The biggest thing is trusting your own ear. So often I’ve tried out different gear, different microphones, and I haven’t loved how it sounded. Maybe to someone else it sounds great and they want to use that equipment. But for me, it has to be what provides me with the best version of my voice. When I play something back, do I like how I sound? And that’s the biggest thing with gear. There are tons of opportunities to learn about gear. Maybe you want to Google it or maybe you want to look up our audio courses on Singdaptive. There’s tons of lessons on gear and how to use it as a performer. But, one of the biggest things will be: do I like how I sound when I use this?

One Thing That Helped Me Get My Head Around Audio Gear

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