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Give a Gift to Your Choir

Singdaptive supports choirs with vocal health training and fundraising

Choirs are a gift to their members – and their communities. Singdaptive has decided to return the gift of choirs with training and financial support.

We are offering choirs across the world two opportunities – each are completely free to choirs:

  • vocal health learning at home for choristers and,
  • an easy fundraising method which really works!

1. Vocal Health Support for All Members

Choirs across the world are now using Singdaptive to inspire and support singers between rehearsals. This is because the Singdaptive team includes professional vocal coaches, a speech language therapist, and educators with hands-on experience in vocal health for singers.

Here’s how it works. Choir directors reach out to indicate their interest and then are given a customized link their choristers can use to create free accounts. Choir members then have the opportunity to send text or video to our team describing their singing experience; they also share a bit of their singing so that we can observe issues that can be addressed – and every singer can learn more about singing with less tension and more freedom!

Then each choir member receives their gift: a personal video from one of our lead instructors which shares insights and ways to greater health. This is NOT a canned video that is sent to all singers – this is a member of our team creating a new and unique response to each chorister. They are also given tasks which will take their vocal health to the next level. If they wish to take this further, they can become a paid subscriber – but we guarantee that they will find their free insight of lasting value!

Each chorister will receive:

  • A personal video filled with guidance
  • Access to two on-demand lessons
  • Vocal exercise suited to their needs

Choirs interested in opening up this opportunity for their choirs can contact Dr. Gregory Barker at Singdaptive directly at

If your're ready to get started visit Singdaptive Choir Health landing page.

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Recent Choir Partners

Chorus Niagara is thrilled to be partnering with Singdaptive and welcomes this special opportunity to share with our singers the many excellent vocal programs that will ease us out of Covid and into renewed vocal health and wellness.
Robert Cooper
Director - Chorus Niagara
Image of Robert Cooper
Myriad is thrilled to partner with Singdaptive introducing our singers to the many excellent vocal programs they have to offer. We look forward to exploring Singdaptive’s courses and lessons and learning a whole lot more about the voice!
Elise Naccarato
Artistic Director - Myriad Ensemble
Image of Artistic Director Elise Naccarato
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2. Fundraising that Works

Choirs wanting to support their costs now have a singing-centered way to do this. Instead of selling chocolate bars, magazines or going from house to house, Singdaptive is going to donate the entire first month subscription to its platform back to the choir.

Here is how it works. Choristers or friends of choristers that sing sign-up for Standard Subscription at Singdaptive ($25 USD/month – or equivalent in your country’s currency). They can cancel or pause their subscription at any time. Your choir earns a donation from Singdaptive for each subscription:

  • Up to $500 for first 20 subscriptions ($25 per subscription)
  • Up to an additional $500 for next 20 to 70 subscriptions ($10 per subscription)

BONUS: any choir that earns more than $500 also earns first month free of our Premium Educator Development subscription that offers personal professional guidance for choir directors.

Your choir could earn up to $1,000 donation for help your choristers get vocal coaching and support on their vocal health.

Here is why Singdaptive subscriptions are so popular: Singdaptive is unique in offering personal, asynchronous vocal coaching to anyone wishing to develop their signing – this includes those new to singing as well as experienced singers of any genre. What makes Singdaptive outstanding in online singing is that singers don’t focus on “canned lessons” but share and receive personal videos that explore their needs and further their goals.

Now, when choir members purchase a monthly subscription – and reach out to anyone else with a unique subscription link – then the entire first month of the subscription will be donated back to the choir – this can result in up to one thousand dollars. To make this even more attractive, Singdaptive does NOT require a yearly fee but allows singers to pause or cancel their subscription any month.

Their first month on Singdaptive gives choristers and their friends the same benefit as the Vocal Health Support mentioned at the beginning of this article as well as more exchanges that give more personal feedback and build a unique learning path that your choristers can continue to use on Singdaptive with a subscription.

Our service is a great complement to any singer that is already taking vocal lessons in person.

Choirs wanting to move forward with this opportunity can contact Dr. Gregory Barker at Singdaptive directly at

Greg Barker

Portrait image of a Singdaptive singing instructor Greg Barker

Greg is one of the Founders of Singdaptive and VP of Publishing. He has created online communities for a number of magazines and businesses, acting as a Commissioning Editor, freelance business & personal coach, and educator – active both in the Music Industry as well as in academia.