How Long Should Your Daily Singing Practice Be?

Kathy Alexander and Simone Niles share their thoughts on a daily singing practice.

Kathy Alexander

Music Teacher | Vocal Coach | Co-founder of Singdaptive

Simone Niles

Vocalist | Transformational Coach

We asked Singdaptive instructors what thoughts they have on practicing singing everyday. Today, we hear from singer, author, vocal coach, choir director, and Singdaptive co-founder, Kathy Alexander. Also, transformational vocal coach, Simone Niles, shares on daily practicing.

Kathy Alexander on Practicing Daily to Prepare for a Performance

Tips from The Team Transcript: Do you practice singing every day? The answer for me is no, I don’t right now. But I do want to go out to my studio and sing every day, and I feel sad that I’m not singing more. But let me say this. My full-time focus right now is running this business called Singdaptive, and it’s not my performing life at the moment.

But if I find myself at a time where I’m working towards a performance that involves new material, I usually take a four to six-week window before the performance to practice every day. Especially if it’s a two or three-hour gig with a lot of memorized music, I’ll need to be singing every day to keep it at the forefront of my mind. And of course, I need to make sure my voice is in shape, and that my training and my technique is where I want it to be. So yes, I absolutely would practice every day or almost every day anyway. But we don’t need to beat ourselves up necessarily if we miss a day.

Tips From The Team On Daily Singing Practice

Simone Niles on Singing Every Other Day

Tips from The Team Transcript: I’ve been asked, “Should you do your singing practice every day or every other day?” Well, the simple answer to that question is it depends on you as a singer, your individual needs, and your vocal stamina. So my suggestion would be to ask yourself the questions, “How do I feel after I do my singing practice? Is my voice tired? Does it need rest? Do I feel like I can keep going?”

These are the kind of questions you want to ask yourself to gauge whether doing a practice the next day could be helpful or not. Now I’m a huge advocate for vocal rest, so starting every other day could be beneficial if you’re not yet sure. So start today with a great practice, rest tomorrow, and then rinse and repeat.

Should Your Practice Singing Everyday?

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