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New eLearning Platform for Singers Announces Public Launch

We’re thrilled to bring Singdaptive to all singers.

Singdaptive® now provides secure access to one-on-one sessions with premiere instructors for asynchronous learning anytime, anywhere

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, September 16, 2021 / -- Singdaptive®, an online learning platform dedicated to multi-disciplinary singing instruction, announces its public launch and new, one-on-one video instruction with world-class instructors. Whether you’re an aspiring singer or esteemed vocalist needing to brush up, Singdaptive’s new platform provides personal coaching and the ability to check on your progress, so you can learn asynchronously from any device, at any time. As the passion economy is fueled even more by people leaving their desk jobs to pursue creative careers, Singdaptive provides a simple way to hone your singing and uphold vocal health.

“After being in beta for the last year, we’re thrilled to bring Singdaptive to all singers, whether they’re songwriters, choristers or performing vocalists, especially those looking to break out into the industry,” said Kevin Alexander, Co-founder and CEO of Singdaptive. “Since April of last year, we’ve seen a huge uptick of people new to singing join our platform, as well as those who are coming back to singing after taking a long break, with both types making up 73% of our users. By introducing the new and improved subscription and platform, we’re able to give people personal access to world-class instructors and truly follow their passions from the comfort of their own home.”

"Singaptive is able to find a beautiful middle ground between building a relationship with a professional instructor over video and access to hundreds of recorded videos I can come back to at any time.”— Mike Tedesco, pianist and singer-songwriter

Singdaptive was founded by four music industry experts set on bringing secure, accessible music instruction and vocal coaching to singers across the globe in a simple, virtual learning format. Featuring it’s newly launched Exchangely™ technology, Singdaptive provides you with personal access to a team of vocal coaches who will exchange one-on-one feedback through video, available at any time. You get to choose when you work on your singing and receive instruction from a team of 21 world-class instructors representing vocal technique, vocal health, audio & technology, performance coaching, practice pedagogy, choral technique, and solo and ensemble singing.

“During the pandemic, I decided to turn to video to start streaming my performances and continue doing what I love, so it made sense for me to also work on certain skills through video instruction,” said Mike Tedesco, pianist and singer-songwriter. “Singaptive is able to find a beautiful middle ground between building a relationship with a professional instructor over video that still feels personal and access to hundreds of recorded videos I can come back to at any time. Virtual instruction has been very new to me, but it’s truly improved skills like my head voice and I couldn’t have done it without Singdaptive.”

Available on mobile or desktop, Singdaptive comes in two subscription packages—Singdaptive Standard ($24.99 USD per month) which provides one-on-one asynchronous coaching, hand-picked lessons and exercises, and access to more than 350 on-demand lessons; and Singdaptive Premium ($99.00 USD per month) which provides additional customizable learning and unlimited exchanges with instructors. Anyone who signs up will receive a limited 50 percent off the first month of either subscription. For more information, visit

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how do the costs

Focused, personal education from leading music industry leaders costs money. Yet, Singdaptive is an incredibly cost effective investment.

Full Time Vocal School


$20,000+ / year

Private Face to Face Lesons


$200 to $600 / month


Subscriptions starting at $25 USD for Standard Plan and $99 USD for Premium Plan


What’s different with Singdaptive from other approaches?

There are millions of instructional videos out there for singers. What Singdaptive offers is personal guidance for your unique voice through personal video exchanges and tasks selected especially for you by your instructor. What makes us truly unique is that we offer asynchronous learning – this means that you don’t need to keep an appointment and can interact with your learning at any time, day or night.

The other feature of Singdaptive is that your Lead Instructor will be directing you to exercises and lessons from several others on the team so that your learning will transcend the expertise of a single teacher.

What music genres and singing techniques do you teach?

Singdaptive’s Instructor Team is multidisciplinary, so we assign you a Lead Instructor that is an expert in your genre. There are many good singing techniques created by informed singers and researchers. We value the work Janice Chapman, Jeanette Lovetri, Lisa Popeil, Cathrine Sadolin, Ingo Titze and others. In fact, one of these is on our teaching team and we have worked closely with several others.

What we value most are approaches that are not secretive in nature and that are recognized across the disciplines concerned with healthy singing - coaching, therapy, nutrition, otolaryngology, and musicology. The exercises and methods you receive are focused on healthy voice production no matter what your genre.

What does this cost?

Less than the price of face-to-face lessons in your location. At $25 USD a month our Standard Subscription gives you personal exchanges to determine your unique learning plan. You get tasks with exercises, in-demand lessons, actions – with continued check-ins each month with your lead instructor. Our Premium Subscription at $99 a month gives you unlimited personal exchanges with our team of instructors. Singers facing intense needs or wanting a fast-paced learning style start with the premium plan.

You can upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Is this for pros or for beginners?

Yes - to both!. If you have just stepped out of the shower and want to share your voice with more than just your golden retriever, we will walk with you into your future. Or, if you’re having trouble with your voice after live streaming 5 hours a day, or are facing an audition for a Musical Theatre role on Broadway or London’s West End, we can get you ready.

We work with singers of all genres from choristers, to lead singers, session singers, ensembles - the entire spectrum!

Do you have some tips for me before I get started?

You can get started for free – this will let you experience the quality of instruction that we have for your singing journey. To do this, simply create a free account , take the welcome lesson and then start your first exchange with our team! We will give you personal feedback on your area of concern – this will come from one of our team's instructors. If you don’t have any idea of what you want to work on, you are invited to say just that and our instructor will come back to you with areas to consider!