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Raising Voices - Singdaptive at Podium 2022 Conference

Virtual & In-Person Attendees Get Benefits

Singdaptive will join Canadians in raising their voices together again at the 2022 PODIUM choral conference.

After the challenges caused by the pandemic, it’s finally time for Canadians to come together again and raise their voices at the 2022 PODIUM conference — and music education platform Singdaptive will be there to support Canadian singers.

In addition to their recently-announced partnership with Choral Canada ahead of theNational Youth Choir of Canada, Singdaptive will be attending PODIUM 2022, the national bilingual choral conference and festival co-presented by Choral Canada and Choirs Ontario. From May 19-23 in Toronto, attendees from across Canada will come together for a multi-day celebration for those passionate about group singing. 

Mandy Bryant, Singdaptive Lead Instructor and choral conductor, will be in attendance and available at the Marketplace to meet singers and conductors.

Mandy Bryant says, "I'm so excited to represent Singdaptive at Podium 2022! My last experience at Podium was as a singer in Ensemble Laude (an upper voices choir from Victoria, BC) in 2018. The conference was held in St. John's, Newfoundland and I was so privileged to not only take in such a beautiful part of Canada, but to hear talented singers, meet amazing conductors and educators, and learn from some of the best that Canada has to offer. I can't tell you how privileged I feel to take it all in again after a tumultuous few years!"

To further PODIUM’s 2022 unifying message of “Reimagine, Rebuild, Reconnect,” Singdaptive will be offering a complimentary trial for attendees of both the virtual and in-person conference. By joining Singdaptive’s platform, singers will receive 3 free exchanges from an instructor in addition to a copy of Vocal Health for Singers written by Dr. Anthony Jahn for Singdaptive.

Knowing that choirs are a gift to communities, Singdaptive has worked alongside organizations like Chorus Niagara and Myriad Ensemble to provide help and support by connecting them with professional vocal coaches and educators to inspire and support singers. Singdaptive’s educators and vocal coaches can teach users ways to produce a variety of pitches in a way that is efficient and doesn’t cause strain on vocal cords. This not only ensures a long, healthy singing life but also helps choristers come together to create pitch-perfect music in their choir.

As a leader in vocal education, Singdaptive has one goal: to help busy singers learn their craft. Understanding that singing development isn’t just about vocal technique, Singdaptive works alongside singers to assist with everything from performance anxiety to maintaining vocal health. With Singdaptive, singers can receive personal, on-demand learning and coaching from a team of experts—from choral conductors to instructors who have coached Grammy-winning singers—on a platform that is easy to use and helps singers keep track and celebrate their learning.

About Singdaptive Singdaptive offers asynchronous 1-on-1 vocal coaching to professional singers and singers just getting started. Singers share video exchanges back and forth with vocal experts at their convenience. The online learning platform personally connects respected instructors, hundreds of on-demand lessons, podcasts, and articles with thousands of vocalists worldwide.

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