Should All Singers Always Have a Vocal Coach?

Mandy Bryant gives her thoughts on if all signers need a vocal coach or teacher.

Mandy Bryant

Voice Teacher | Choir Director

This week’s Tips from the Team are all about vocal coaches! Today, we hear from voice teacher and choir director, Mandy Bryant on whether singers should always work with a vocal coach.

Mandy on Having a Vocal Coach

Tips from the Team Transcript: Yes. If you are pursuing the goal of becoming a better singer, absolutely. You should always have a vocal coach or a vocal teacher. You should always be learning. And whether that’s through a teacher or whether that’s through a website, like Singdaptive that has tons of different videos that you can check out and a bunch of different lessons, either way you’re pursuing your own learning. Now, one of the things that’s awesome about having a vocal coach is that you get that direct feedback, right? So one of the things that Singdaptive has is a program called Exchangely where you can actually send videos back and forth with your instructor. It’s a lot more interactive and you get feedback on your voice. And you can also do this through vocal coaching on your own time, through a voice teacher that you maybe meet with weekly, but a vocal coach is really going to give you the feedback that you need to move forward and pursue your goals.

Should You Always Have a Vocal Coach?

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