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Singdaptive Provides Support to National Youth Choir of Canada

Asynchronous Professional Development for Up and Coming Choristers

Singdaptive and Choral Canada partner together to provide vocal support to Canadian youth in the NYCC

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, May 2nd, 2022 -- With over 3.5 million Canadians singing in 28,000 choirs across the country, to say Canadians love singing would be an understatement. As Canadian youth choristers head to Ottawa to take part in training and development workshops, one company wants to help keep their vocal cords in tip-top shape: Singdaptive.

For choristers, vocal health is integral to the choir. Think of it as the heartbeat: without it, vocalists can’t ensure that every note is as powerful as the next. Singdaptive, the music education platform that teaches users how to sing with the help of vocal coaches, is partnering with Choral Canada to provide professional development coaching to members of the National Youth Choir of Canada (NYCC) to best protect their vocal health.

"Choral singing, especially at this level, requires showing up well prepared and ready to sing your part,” Kevin Alexander, CEO and co-founder of Singdaptive, states. “We're happy to provide personal coaching where the chorister can control their pace and get the support they need."

As part of their partnership with Choral Canada, Singdaptive will offer exchanges to NYCC chorists so they can access the Singdaptive platform where they can ask questions, upload video recordings of their singing, and obtain unique, personalized coaching for their performance from vocal coaches and educators.

Knowing that choirs are a gift to communities, Singdaptive has worked alongside organizations like Chorus Niagara and Myriad Ensemble to provide help and support by connecting them with professional vocal coaches and educators to inspire and support singers. Singdaptive’s educators and vocal coaches can teach users ways to produce a variety of pitches in a way that is efficient and doesn’t cause strain on vocal cords. This not only ensures a long, healthy singing life, but also helps choristers come together to create pitch-perfect music in their choir.

As a leader in vocal education, Singdaptive has one goal: to help busy singers learn their craft. Understanding that singing development isn’t just about vocal technique, Singdaptive works alongside singers to assist with everything from performance anxiety to maintaining vocal health. With Singdaptive, singers can receive personal, on-demand learning and coaching from a team of experts—from choral conductors to instructors who have coached Grammy winning engineers—on a platform that is easy-to-use and helps singers keep track and celebrate their learning.

About Singdaptive Singdaptive offers asynchronous 1-on-1 vocal coaching to professional singers and singers just getting started. Singers share video exchanges back and forth with vocal experts at their convenience. The online learning platform personally connects respected instructors, hundreds of on-demand lessons, podcasts, and articles with thousands of vocalists worldwide.

About National Youth Choir of Canada The National Youth Choir of Canada (NYCC) is a project of Choral Canada and is one of Canada’s finest youth choirs. It is a one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity for some of Canada’s best emerging choral singers. Truly national in scope, the prestigious choir is made up of 40 singers between the ages of 19 and 26 who auditioned from across the country every two years. The 2022 edition is conducted by Jean-Sébastien Vallée with Apprentice Conductor Thomas Burton and Collaborative Pianist Irene Gregorio. The tour includes five concerts from May 14-19 in Ottawa, Manotick, Kingston, and the final performance at Choral Canada`s national choral festival PODIUM 2022 in Toronto. To purchase tickets and learn more about the NYCC, visit here:

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