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Singers Review The New Way To Develop Their Voice

4 vocalists give thumbs up to asynchronous vocal coaching.

Singdaptive’s asynchronous and team-based coaching fits perfectly into your busy life.

There are millions of great singing-instruction videos out there, but singers are turning to Singdaptive’s Exchangely because they want focused, personal guidance through one-on-one video exchanges. All of this is supported by a multidisciplinary team of singing professionals. Want to know what this really means in a singer’s life? Four singers review Singdaptive below.

Get Focused Steps Ahead: Sheng Li

A few years ago Sheng Li grabbed his guitar and launched into the world of busking. This soon led to many kinds of live performances and starting a guitar-teaching site. Yet Sheng Li wanted his vocal skills to match his guitar abilities, so he turned to Singdaptive’s one-on-one singing lessons with Exchangely.

This was my first time taking voice lessons…so I felt scared. But my teachers at Singdaptive were so incredibly encouraging, genuine and sincere that I felt comfortable learning. - Sheng Li Soo

Sheng Li wanted help finding the exact exercises which would take his singing to the next level. Singdaptive delivered this to him through personal videos clips from his Lead Instructor. His instructor also selected specific Premium Singing Lessons from our Instructor Team along with specific tasks for him to do and report back on in his personal videos to his instructor.

Sheng Li has now worked with Singdaptive for months, making it his regular way of receiving singing lessons and guidance – he’s shared about his learning journey in his review article on – Busker Says Start Sharing Your Voice Today. His conclusion: “My instructors at Singdaptive really put their heart and soul behind listening to every voice clip I sent them and I found out where I needed to work.”

More Power for Your Upper Range: Mike Tedesco

Mike Tedesco is a full-time singer-songwriter-pianist in New York city with a rapidly growing following on Twitch. He wanted to develop more control and power for the high notes on a specific song. So he asked his Singdaptive Lead Instructor for a new way to approach this vocal quality.

Did I want to focus on my technique? home recording? Songwriting? The beautiful part about Singdaptive’s Exchangely is that you can focus on any of these areas – their professionals cover all of this. - Mike Tedesco

Mike’s instructor filmed vocal exercises and sent these to Mike – and interacted with all the questions Mike asked about these. Next, Mike recorded himself attempting to do these exercises and sent his videos back so his instructor could check his accuracy. These personal exchanges led Mike to feel confident that an expert coach was getting to know his voice in detail and could give him just the right next steps on his path.

Mike loves that he can go back to these videos at any time and place. “I’ve improved my head voice through the few lessons I’ve had already.”

Reach New Heights: Anya Mia

Anya Mia came to singing later in life. As a published author and journalist, she had been singing to herself when commuting to work. Then a few years ago she threw herself fully into singing and writing music. She released her first EP in 2020. She felt great about this work, but knew that she wanted her voice to take on more challenging skills.

However, Anya was reluctant about turning to experts for help. Her busy freelancing schedule made it difficult to arrange a regular time to meet with a teacher. Also, teachers in the past had left her with negative feelings. Her experience with Singdaptive turned out to be completely different.

Asynchronous delivery really appealed to her: exchanging personal videos back and forth could be done at any time of night or day. But more importantly she found her instructor incredibly positive and encouraging – as well as thoroughly on top of vocal technique.

I’m left with tools that are helping me continue to improve and gain more and more control over my entire register. - Anya Mia

She wrote a review article on her experience on called Singing is Lifelong Learning (whether I like it or not). Her conclusion: “The moral of the story is that flexible learning options are out there to answer all of your excuses.”

Reach New Heights: Anya Mia

Kevin Lin gained rapid attention on YouTube for his heartfelt covers and recently completed a university degree in acting & musical theatre performance. He felt it was time to review his singing goals – so he turned to Singdaptive’s one-on-one coaching.

For a long time I wanted to do a vocal competition but knew I needed to train my mix voice. Exchangely helped me achieve this and improve my singing confidence. - Kevin Lin

What Kevin really liked about his video exchanges with his lead instructor is that he could take the time he needed to really understand the exercises, lessons and insights he received. He could give himself a day or two to get the point of one exercise – and a week or more with a another. Then, when he was ready, he could send a video back to his instructor to demonstrate what he learned and ask more questions.

Get Started for Free – Now

You can get started for free at Singdaptive – in fact, you’ll receive a welcome singing lesson, a chance to take our Intelligent Singer Survey, and also to begin your one-on-one coaching. Yes, it is actually all for free, because we want singers to see the quality of experience they can expect when they work regularly with Singdaptive.

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