Sound Engineer Tips On Recording Vocals on Your Smartphone

Kevin Alexander and Kaitie Sly share tips on recording vocals with your smartphone.

Kevin Alexander

Sound Engineer | Technologist | Co-founder of Singdaptive

Kaitie Sly

Educator | Recording Artist | Bassist

We asked Singdaptive instructors for some tips on recording vocals with your smartphone. Today, we hear from sound engineer, technologist and Singdaptive co-founder, Kevin Alexander on android vs iOS phones for recording. Also, singer, author, technologist and bassist, Kaitie Sly speaks about using voice memos with your smartphone.

Kevin Alexander on Android vs iOS for Recording

Tips from the Team Transcript: I definitely recommend recording on your smartphone it as it’s so convenient. Sometimes people ask “If I’m getting into recording, does it matter whether I’m Android or iOS?” It does actually. This is a case where smartphone platforms matter in that overall, and as of when this was written in late 2020, iOS is just much more stable for recording if you’re ever using any external equipment.

If you’re using an audio interface or a USB microphone with an Android device, some of them don’t do as well with latency. Some of them introduce delay and things like that, and so one mobile device to another might work differently. When I say work differently, one might work, and one might not. On iOS, that’s much more stable, and that’s why I often recommend, if you’re just going to be recording on mobile, leaning towards iOS is probably going to be the easier path for you to follow.

How Do I Record Vocals On My Smartphone?

Kaitie Sly on Using Voice Memos with Your Phone

Tips from The Team Transcript: You don’t need to have any fancy recording equipment or go to a recording studio to record yourself. It can be as simple as having a smartphone or having access to a computer. You can use even just the Voice Memo app on your smartphone. It doesn’t take much to get your ideas down.

As a singer, songwriter and musician, I use Voice Memos literally all the time. It’s super handy, and I know a lot of my other musician or singer colleagues also use Voice Memos a lot. The reason being is the smartphone is a really handy recording device right at your fingertips. No matter where you are, you have it on hand to record your ideas so you won’t forget them later.

You can also share those ideas with anyone that you might be collaborating with. So you could be on the bus, you could be in your car, etc. There’s been times when I’ve been sleeping at night and woken up from a dream and thought of an idea for a song and I’ve recorded it into my Voice Memo app, so it’s really quite a powerful and handy tool to have as a musician, singer or songwriter.

Why Would a Singer Record Into Voice Memos?

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