Guided Vocal Training - Month 4

screen shot of lesson video
Image from one of the course's lessons.Image from one of the course's lessons.Image from one of the course's lessons.

This is the fourth month of Kerri Ho's guided vocal workout. It is recommended that you take all three lessons of this course in quick succession; then, follow Kerri's actions through the month as you build her exercises into your daily routine. The lessons in this course deepen many of the themes Kerri has introduced in months 1, 2 and 3: releasing tension, posture, breathing, flexibility, range, lightening chest voice and singing in mixed voice. There is a new exercise this month for range extension and flexibility. Also, Kerri has made each exercise more challenging by covering a greater pitch range and by repeating certain notes.

  • Enjoy being guided by Kerri's clear directions
  • Exercises to transform your voice
  • Demonstrations of all key points

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