Rediscover Your Inspiration to Sing

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Image from one of the course's lessons.Image from one of the course's lessons.Image from one of the course's lessons.Image from one of the course's lessons.

When we know WHY we are singing, we have the motivation, focus and energy needed to develop our voice and our musicality. We've brought together four talented vocal coaches to share their reasons for being excited about the singing journey: Mark Baxter reveals why he believes singing is "worth it," Jaime Babbitt shares tips on overcoming self-criticism, Simone Niles shows how singers can love the sound of their own voices and Matthew Howe helps singers get excited about pushing the boundaries on their emotional connection to their music.

  • Find inspiration for practice and performance
  • Overcome self-doubt and inner criticism
  • Practical ways to develop deeper musical connections

Do you want to be a better singer than you were yesterday?

Reading articles, watching YouTube videos or taking an online course are things singers do when they want to improve at singing.

The most important thing you can do to accomplish your singing goals is to get feedback and advice from singers who have worked with hundreds of singers just like you.

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