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Christie Norman

Christie Norman

Makeup Artist | Artist |

"A professional make-up artist who has worked on TV and Film, Photography, Fashion, Bridal, Graduations, Special Effects and Airbrushing"

Christie Norman is a freelance professional make-up artist, living in Victoria, BC, Canada. Christie has worked on make-up applications for TV and Film, Photography, Fashion, Bridal, Graduations, Special Effects and Airbrushing. Credits include:

  • Make-Up artist for Sonar Moments with Heather Ferguson
  • Free Lance Make-Up Artist for Holt Renfrew Special Events.
  • Free Lance Contractor for Christian Dior and Lancome
  • Vicki Gabareau Show: Make-Up Artist for a Mother/Daughter Makeover show
  • Music Videos: Beatthief “Hyper-Lingo”, Liesa Norman “How Do I Know?”
  • BBC: Key Make-Up Artist for “Hello”, Director Nick Copus
  • BBC: Key make-Up Artist for “Scar Stories”, Director Nick Copus (won award for best docu-drama)
  • Sensations, Annual Gala Charity: Key Make-Up Artist, Producer John Paul Holt
  • “Mile Zero”, Soap Opera: Key Make-Up Artist, Director Paul Wu
  • Make-Up Specialist, contributing writer for

Lesson Highlights:

Subject Areas:

Expression, Creativity

Value Areas:

Audience Engaging

Questions for Christie Norman:

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