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Mark Baxter

Mark Baxter

Vocal Coach | Performance Coach |

"A leading industry coach, having worked with Aerosmith, Journey, Goo Goo Dolls - and many others"

Mark Baxter has worked as a coach with Aerosmith, Journey, Goo Goo Dolls — and many others. He is the author of The Rock-n-Roll Singer’s Survival Manual, creator of The Singer’s Toolbox instructional DVD, and the Sing Like an Idol instructional CD. Mark operates vocal studios in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and online via Skype.

Mark has completed hundreds and hundreds of voice lessons, exploring various methods, and attended countless seminars including: Vocal Pedagogy by the Functional Voice Foundation of West Germany, Neuromuscular message, nutrition, The Alexander Technique, acupressure, reflexology along with various psychological and visualization techniques. Even though he is now considered a leading authority in his field, he continues to research with a passion.

Lesson Highlights:

Subject Areas:

Practice, Habits, Creativity, Expression, Health, Technique, Connection, Entertaining, Theory & Literacy, Listening

Value Areas:

Performance Ready, Artistically Free, Vocally Healthy, Audience Engaging, Musically Informed

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