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Matthew Howe

Matthew Howe

Vocal Coach | Theater Director |

"An award-winning Musical Theatre Director who has been Resident Director at the Tony Award-winning Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota"

Matthew Howe is a Performing Arts and Musical Theatre Director. His many positions include Resident Director/Choreographer and Master Teacher at the Tony Award-winning Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to his local projects, Matthew continues to work as a freelance director and educator locally and internationally.

His credits include: Choral Director of the 1200 member ensemble for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremonies. Twin Cities Director of the Year (2005/6). Director at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, Performing Arts Director at Pacific Christian Secondary School. Locally, Matthew has worked with The Linden Singers, The Victoria Conservatory of Music, The Belfry Theatre, The Victoria Operatic Society (The Will Rogers Follies, The Wizard of Oz, and Les Miserables), Gotta Getta Gimmick, and The Oak Bay Beach Hotel (It’s Christmas!). He graduated with Honors from the University of Victoria in 1985. Through 1997, he taught extensively in high school theatre and music programs, directed and choreographed for a variety of theatre companies, served on church worship teams and performed professionally in the Victoria region.

Lesson Highlights:

Subject Areas:

Practice, Habits, Technique, Connection, Entertaining, Theory & Literacy, Creativity, Expression

Value Areas:

Performance Ready, Vocally Healthy, Audience Engaging, Artistically Free

Questions for Matthew Howe:

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