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Noreen Smith

Noreen Smith

Voice Technician | Teacher | Singer | B.Mus

"Going into the studio, getting ready for auditions or limiting vocal damage from poor singing or speaking habits, Noreen helps you find your voice."

Noreen Smith has dedicated much of the last two decades to developing her skills as a vocal technician. She has studied with some of the most respected vocal minds in Southern California, developing her own voice and taking opportunities to receive critique and feedback as a teacher.

As a singer, Noreen has performed singing classical and opera, pop, gospel and R&B, worship music, jazz and musical theatre. Her students come from every background and musical genre to find ways to take the music they are passionate about to its highest level, while solving for vocal issues that may have gotten in their way. As a prolific musical director you will see her around the community directing choirs, rehearsing shows for musical theatre productions or coaching operatic arias. She won the coveted “Jerry Herman Award for High School Musical Theatre in Los Angeles” in 2015 for her Musical Direction of Godspell and the “National Youth Arts Award” for Outstanding Musical Direction in 2018 for The Sound of Music. In addition, Noreen is often called upon by record companies to prepare their artists vocally for tours and performances.

Noreen’s strength is how she can solve for specific vocal problems in a quick and comprehensive way. Her technique workshops and master classes showcase this ability and are a way for both singers and singing teachers to understand the voice on a deeper level. As a result, she is often consulted by other teachers of voice when they are stuck on how to solve a challenging issue with their own students or when a singer needs to recover from vocal damage. She also offers style coaching and artist development, providing feedback on your next step to becoming a marketable artist.

Noreen is a contributor to the popular book “The Ultimate Guide to Singing: Gigs, Sound, Money and Health“, selling on

After 20 years living in Thousand Oaks, California, Noreen has finally returned to Victoria, BC Canada with her husband, Darrell, and their three delightful and never-boring children.

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Health, Technique, Practice

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Vocally Healthy, Performance Ready

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