The New Way
To Be Coached

Exchangely is an asynchronous learning technology that allows you to participate in private, convenient and secure exchanges with a coach from a team of instructors and teachers. These exchanges include personal videos between you and a coach, text interchanges, tasks, progress tracking and exercises.

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What's in An


An exchange is made up of a Personal Overview Video and a series of Tasks. In the overview video your personal coach provides feedback on your previous exchange and gives you objectives for the new exchange. Tasks can include personally recorded videos from coaches and instructors on the team, on-demand lessons, and exercises. Tasks also ask you for a submission to your coach. This could be a video recordings or written feedback.



Your lead instructor give you personal coaching.



Pre-recorded premium lessons on hundreds of topics.



Straigh-forward video or audio clips that help you practice.



Send back videos and comments on your progress for your coach to review.

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At Your Pace

You set your own pace. Depending on your goals and commitment level you may work through the exchange in a couple days, or you y may take a couple weeks. Sometimes a coach will provide a recommendation on how much time you should take to work on the tasks. Your coach will get back to you with a new exchange within 3 working days of submitting.


Asynchronous = Control

The idea of exchanging video messages for learning rivals the effectiveness of face-to-face learning. This is because it gives you unique control over the learning process. You and your instructors get to take time to review and think about replies in a way that can’t happen live. This helps make learning authentic and committed.

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because it's proven

Exchanges are powerful because Singdaptive, the creators of Exchangely Technology, developed and tweaked the use of exchanges over 12 months with hundreds of singers.

Many singers have benefited from Exchangely’s asynchronous coaching for over a year. Singdaptive’s Exchangely Technology has transformed the lives and singing voices of many singers.


What’s the deal with asynchronous learning?

Asynchronous means you and your Instructor exchange videos and messages with each other that are real, confidential, goal-oriented, and personal - but not ‘live’.

There are many advantages to asynchronous learning. The main one is that you don’t have to share your responses to tasks until you feel ready! This may be because the only time you are free to work on your singing is between 9:48 and 11pm after the kids have gone to bed, or an hour before rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This method also allows your Lead Instructor to carefully consider what you’ve sent before they respond. Asynchronous = thoughtful.

Can other learners see my videos?

No. Exchangely is private between you and your instructors. In fact all of our personal videos to you and your responses to us are only ever visible to you and your Singdaptive Instructors. However, when you are ready to take larger steps of sharing your singing with the world, that can be become the focus of your work with our team!

How hard do I have to work with Exchangely?

Very Hard! But you set the pace! You want to reach your goals, and we are going to give you the insights, tasks, exercises and actions to get you there! Between your exchanges you will be practicing and accomplishing tasks set by your personal instructor. But, you get to do all of this in the place in which you are most comfortable working at and at the time that is most convenient for you.

What is so special about our platform?

We’ve made it super easy for you to video yourself, upload your videos, view exercises and access the tasks your Lead Instructor personally chooses. You’ll find that your learning is based on us listening to your voice, concerns, questions and aspirations.