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The Gift of Singing

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Anyone Who Loves Singing
Craves Feedback

Give the gift of Singdaptive® with our unique and proven online singing lessons.
Perfect for friends or family who want to imrpove their singing getting better than they were yesterday!

3 month gifts of various intensities.



~$49 USD - 3 months
$16.33 monthly excl. tax

For singers who enjoy learning independently, but want to know they're on the right track.


~$139 USD - 3 months
$46.19 monthly with discount, excl. tax

Get feedback on where your voice is heading and receive foundational learning to develop long term.


~$259 USD - 3 months
$86.33 monthly with discount, excl. tax

Receive the benefits of Foundation Plan and add focused attention on specific technique or other goals.


~$499 USD - 3 months
$166.33 monthly with discount, excl. tax

Support your singing life on multiple fronts including audition prep, choosing songs and songwriting.

Top 3 Reasons

To Give The Gift
Of Singing

Singing relieves stress and boosts your immune system
Singers bring people together in community
Working on your vocal health improves your mental health

A Singdaptive gift certificate is similar to finding an available singing teacher, scheduling an appointment that works for everyone and then showing up on time...but without all that hassle!

Your friend or family member who sings does personal asynchronous lessons from home whenever it works for them.



Instructors at Singdaptive have coached thousands of singers and give hundreds of personalexchanges to our subscribers every month.


Amateur Singer Songwriter

Watch an overview of Darius' personal exchanges over his first 4 months on Singdaptive.


Singer Songwriter, Streamer

Watch an overview of Carly's personal exchanges over her first 4 months on Singdaptive.

Grey Ying

Singer, Busker, YouTuber

Watch an overview of Grey's personal exchanges over her her journey on Singdaptive.


What’s different with Singdaptive from other approaches?

There are millions of instructional videos out there for singers. What Singdaptive offers is personal guidance for everyone`s unique voice through personal video exchanges and tasks selected especially for each singer by their instructor. What makes us truly unique is that we offer asynchronous learning – this means that singers don’t need to keep an appointment and can interact with their learning at any time, day or night.

The other feature of Singdaptive is that Lead Instructors direct singers to exercises and lessons from several others on the team so that learning will transcend the expertise of a single teacher.

What music genres and singing techniques do you teach?

Singdaptive’s Instructor Team is multidisciplinary, so we assign a Lead Instructor that is an expert in a singer`s genre. There are many good singing techniques created by informed singers and researchers. We value the work Janice Chapman, Jeanette Lovetri, Lisa Popeil, Cathrine Sadolin, Ingo Titze and others. In fact, one of these is on our teaching team and we have worked closely with many others.

What we value most are approaches that are not secretive in nature and that are recognized across the disciplines concerned with healthy singing - coaching, therapy, nutrition, otolaryngology, and musicology. The exercises and methods singer`s receive are focused on healthy voice production no matter the genre.

What does this cost?

Less than the price of face-to-face lessons in your location. Face-to-face lessons in person or face-to-face will cost you anywhere from $150 to $600 USD per month, all our plans cost less than that for a quarter - 3 monhts. Our prices range from $49 to $499 USD per quarter, or $16 to $166 per month!

You can upgrade, downgrade, cancel your subscription at any time. Our top tier subscriptions also allow you to pause you subscription for time off or when you`re sick

Is this for pros or for beginners?

Yes - to both!. If your friend or family member has just stepped out of the shower and want to share their voice with more than just their golden retriever, we will walk with them into their future. Or, if they’re having trouble with their voice after live streaming 5 hours a day, or are facing an audition for a Musical Theatre role on Broadway or London’s West End, we can get them ready.

We work with singers of all genres from choristers, to lead singers, session singers, ensembles - the entire spectrum!

How do I give the gift once I`ve purchased?

Once you've made a purchase your gift will appear on your purchases page. Each gift will include a downloadable PDF that you can email or print off and forward to your friend or family member. You'll also receive the key details in an email. The steps are simple for the giftee - they follow a link, create or sign-in to their account then enter the unique gift code!