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Singdaptive Live streams on all things singing - let's you get personal, in person.
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Singdaptive Vocal coaches, sound engineers, songwriters and special guests share the latest access to tips on singing, writing songs, producing and anything related to the life of a singer. Singdaptive members get VIP live perks.

What are the topics?

Topics are suggested by singers on Singdaptive in their personal exchanges.

Can I participate?

Yes, complete your free trial and subscribe. We invite subscribers to ask questions in advance, and participate in the live stream.

Up & Coming




WED, 24 AUGUST 2022

singdaptive live with Katherine Ellis and Emily Braden thumbnail image

Writing Melodies You Want to Sing

The Singdaptive Team invites all singers to hear insights from Katherine Ellis and Emily Braden on how writing melodies and lyrics needs to connect with you to be able to connect with an audience. Get tips and tricks. Q&A and performance during the event.

TUE, 26 JULY 2022

singdaptive live with Jade Hendrix & Kathy Alexander thumbnail image

Choosing & Writing Songs - What's Your Story

The Singdaptive Team invites all singers to hear insights from Jade Hendrix & Kathy Alexander on how artists and audiences benefit when we sing songs and write lyrics that connect to the stories in our lives . Q&A and performance during the event.

MON, 27 JUNE 2022

singdaptive live with Johnny & Heidi thumbnail image

Why Singing Your Own Songs Matters More Then Ever

The Singdaptive Team invites all singers to hear insights from Johnny & Heidi on how you can unlock so much creative opportuntiy by singing your own songs. We'll explore some practical tips so that all singers feel empowered. Q&A and performace during the event.

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Do you want to be a better singer than you were yesterday?

Reading articles, watching YouTube videos or taking an online course are things singers do when they want to improve at singing.

The most important thing you can do to accomplish your singing goals is to get feedback and advice from singers who have worked with hundreds of singers just like you.

You can start a free trial right now that gets you personal feedback from vocal coaches. You don’t have to make an appointment or get Zoom working. You’ll send video clips and you’ll get videos back from the Singdaptive team.

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