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Cover album art of the podcast Between the Vocal Folds with Kaitie Sly

Between the Vocal Folds

Season 1 - with Kaitie Sly

The Between the Vocal Folds podcast is hosted by Singdaptive instructor, Kaitie Sly, and features a new guest from the music industry every episode to discuss any and all topics related to singing and the voice. Topics range from recording vocals, to extended vocal techniques, to how to find success as a singer, and more!

Episode 1 – What Makes a Successful Singer

Episode 2 – Singing with Cancer

Episode 3 – Sound Healing Through Throat Singing

Episode 4 – 30 Day Screaming Challenge

Episode 5 – Hip Hop in Inspiring Youth

Episode 6 – Singers Working with an Engineer in the Studio

Episode 7 – BONUS: Mics and the Recording Process for Singers