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June 9, 2022

Singdaptive Announces Contest to Launch the Next Star

"With their new “Sing, Hear Back & Win” contest, Singdaptive is giving singers the chance to win up to $5,000 in prizes just by singing..."

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Press Release

May 19, 2022

Singdaptive and Singtrix join forces to give karaoke singers the skills to succeed

"From vocal techniques to matching tones, some singers don’t know where to start..."

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Best Startup Canada

May 18, 2022

Interview: Platform for Singers Just Getting Started!

"We were inspired by the people who haven’t had the resources—the money, the big team, and everything else—and their singing dreams and goals haven’t been realized because of it."

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May 6, 2022

Raising Voices - Singdaptive at Podium 2022 Conference

"...Singdaptive will join Canadians in raising their voices together again at the PODIUM 2022 choral conference."

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April 27, 2022

Singdaptive Provides Support to National Youth Choir of Canada

"...vocal health is integral to the choir... without it, vocalists can’t ensure that every note is as powerful as the next."

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November 23, 2021


" many singers just love the unique personal approach to learning on our platform, that we’ve created an easy way for others to give this away."

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Broadway World

November 4, 2021

BWW Interview: Kevin Alexander talks about SINGDAPTIVE!

"Singers are all extremely busy and making time for in-person instruction can become difficult. SINGDAPTIVE can be used at any time from anywhere thanks to its digital nature and still provides personal instruction that is tailored to you and your style."

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Victoria News

November 3, 2021

Victoria-based vocal instruction platform hits high note with $2.75 million valuation

"Since its public launch last September, the founders of Singdaptive said they’ve found success with musicians and vocalists as an alternative to education platforms like Masterclass or Udemy."

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Broadway World

November 2, 2021

Singdaptive Annoucnes Two New Subscriptions

"We're seeing an uptick in requests for specific material targeting auditions, as well as educators interested in the latest pedagogy as Broadway reopens and shows around the world continue..."

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Press Release

November 2, 2021


"Singdaptive’s platform has helped me focus on the areas I want to improve on, so instruction specifically targeted at auditioning is something many of my peers would value at a time when more performances open up."

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September 17, 2021

Startup Singdaptive would like to teach the world to sing

"The training happens asynchronously, with subscribers assigned an instructor, who then watches the videos they upload of their singing exercises, and recommends further lessons accordingly."

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Press Release

September 17, 2021

New eLearning Platform for Singers Announces Public Launch

"As the passion economy is fueled even more by people leaving their desk jobs to pursue creative careers, Singdaptive provides a simple way to hone your singing and uphold vocal health."

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Global EdTech

May 5, 2021

An interview with Kevin Alexander, CEO of Singdaptive, an online educational singing platform

"The vision for Singdaptive came from wanting to put together a team-based approach to helping a singer move forward in all parts of their singing life. Singing is not a small market. There are over 45 million adults in the United States that sing in choirs."

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April 15, 2020

Can Singdaptive help you sing better?

"It’s easy to find guitar tips or songwriting guides online, but vocal training is a lot harder to get right, requiring a very tailored approach based on each person. Singdaptive, a new online learning platform for singers, aims to make it work with new features to keep its users engaged."

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Acoustic Review

April 15, 2020

Singdaptive Releases Adaptive Learning Platform for Singing Musician

"We wanted to create a platform where all musicians could address the singing side of their musical life...subscribers can interact directly with the team responsible for creating new content."


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Singing Carrots

September 13, 2021

Review🎙️: Learning to Sing with Singdaptive

"Singdaptive is a step forward from online learning sites that give access to the same lessons for all singers, regardless of their genre, goals, and unique experience. Their personal approach combined with the ability to access and send personal messages at any time day or night is unique for online learning."

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Music Industry How To

September 6, 2021

Best 30 Day Singer Alternatives 2021 - Top Singing Lessons

"30 Day Singer's lessons are impersonal with one-on-one guideance only as an added paid extra. Singdaptive takes the opposite approach by beginning with establishing a personal learning path for each student and building in personal contact as a key element."

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Jay Rin - Singer

August 31, 2021

A Singer's Review on Vocal Growth with Singdaptive’s ‘Exchangely’ Lessons

"What I like about Exchangely is that I can choose to do my exchange when I am in a good mental and vocal state. There’s no scheduling, just a ‘ready for you when you are’ lesson."

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August 29, 2021

My Experience with Singdaptive

"Singdaptive offers an effective, convenient, safe (in COVID-19 times), and cost-friendly alternative for singers who want to continue to work on their vocal goals. I’m happy I got the change to try out the platform and am looking forward to continuing my vocal journey."

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Dark Roast Recording

August 27, 2021

Vocal Coaching Online - My Singdaptive Experience

"I love the back and forth with the instructors, even if its over video. But it DOES encourage you to step a little out of your comfort zone and get down to the tasks at hand, making you a better singer."

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August, 2021

A review of online singing courses handpicked by me

"The exchange feels very personal, the teacher talks like she is your friend...They closely tailor the program to you. I have not seen any other voice training source doing it that way. It’s refreshing and definitely worth trying out."

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Deviant Noise

July, 2021

A complete review of the Singdaptive singing lessons program for 2021.

"I wish more companies adapted this hand-held and personalized approach. The best part of the program, however, is the bridge between one-on-one vocal training and the convenience of online lessons."

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Bathroom Singing Crew

May 18, 2021

Singdaptive Review – The Vocal Training “Flix”

"I didn’t think something like this is possible until I took a thorough look at this singing program. It is definitely one of the most versatile and all-rounded vocal training programs out there."

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Just Love to Sing

July 9, 2020

Learn How To Sing Online With Singdaptive: A Review

"If you’re an aspiring singer who feels you hit a dead end because of “life,” there’s still hope, and it can be through Singdaptive. It’s a service that costs little, requires little commitment, and can be accessed through your phone and computer without you needing to go outside and visit a studio."